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The chemical preparation 2C-P is phenylethylamine synthesized by A. Shulgin. This substance possesses a psychedelic effect. The powder 2C-P is probably the most highly effective of all the substances of 2C-group, a worthy adversary in power for him is only 2C-TFM. Alexander Shulgin indicates an average dosage as 6-10 mg. According to the 2C-P trip: the effects depending on the dosage can range from pleasant (psychedelic, hallucinogenic and entheogenic) to the most frightening.  Notwithstanding, a slow action onset of the substance 2C-P we notice, on average, the peak is reached in 3-5 hours. The full action of the drug is ceased in 10-16 hours maximum. Certain similarities with the preparation 2C-E are marked, but the action of 2C-P is more powerful.Buy 2C-P research chemicals online.

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On the website of pharmaceutical chemistry you can Buy 2C-P research chemicals online or leave a short description of your trip (reviews). All the offered powders are for laboratory tests. The purity of the substance is more than 99%. We value our customers and deliver only quality goods!

2C-P for sale online | Buy 2C-P research chemicals online

With many years of experience in research chemical, we bring you the high-quality AM-2201 for sale in usa. However,  without doubt of high purity. We are providing it in its purest quality and are the extremely efficient for research purposes. We aim to deliver the best quality chemicals to our customers online in USA. So, AM-2201 buy are specifically on sale for laboratory purposes. We ensure that the delivered chemical is in its purest form and is capable to delivering the best results out of the tests and uses.

Nevertheless, these chemicals are strictly for the research purpose and are not suitable for human consumption. Its intake in case will be the responsibility of the supplier. However, select the dose carefully as its side effects can lead to brain damage.

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